Sellner • Bear Affair

Take a spin inside a giant bear. The faster you turn the wheel, the faster your bear will turn. This will get any family excited about being together. It’s a Bear Affair !

Crazy Surf


StarShip 2000

Watkins • Swinger

Once the ride starts turning, Sit back and you will feel the wind in your hair !

Wisdom • Sizzler

A new spin on an old classic. The Sizzler offers a fast riding experience with a modern twist. Sure to make you Sizzle !

Fredrickson • Fun Slide

110 foot of pure excitement. Take a ride down the fun slide for a truly unique experience. One the whole family can enjoy going down the hills, racing to the finish line.

Zamperla • Race Cars

ATV’s and dune buggies are a favorite for the younger kids. Kids can feel like they are behind the wheel, making laps on this Maple Leaf Amusements standard.

Sellner • Berry-Go-Round

Fun for all ages! Spin around in these giant strawberries, sure to leave you dizzy and wanting another ride.

Chance • Grand Carousel

The Merry-Go-Round is a classic family ride enjoyed by all ages. The smooth up and down motion will make your day at ease. Whether you choose one of the twenty beautifully hand painted horses or the chariot you are sure to enjoy your riding experience !

Hi-Lite • Festival Wheel

The Festival Wheel is a chance to sit and relax. You will get up off the ground and see the fair carnival or event in a different way, from the top. Try it you will love the Festival Wheel, fun for the whole family.

Wisdom Rides • Go-Gator

Every kids dream, it’s a mini roller coaster. One of the best rides for thrill and excitement as kids go up hills and down in the valleys as your riding on the back of an alligator.

Watkins • Scat

Here’s one for the thrill seeker! Buckle up and hold on as you are spun in all different directions. The force of the Scat ride will make you light as air.

Hampton • Pirate Boats

Come sail the sea on one of our pirate boats. Kids get the actual feeling of riding the waves with real pirates all around. Ahoy Matey !

VISA International • Flying Pandas

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My! Kids can go on their own safari on this kid ride. As they sit in the lions or bears they can be on the lookout for snakes and other creatures.

Rio Grande • Train Station

Riding the rails as if the kids were cowboys in an old west stampede. This ride is especially fun for the parents, because they must watch out for the unexpected train robbery. All Aboard !!

Inflatables USA, Inc. • Bounce House

take a trip through this giant air filled bounce house. This a sure classic. Fun for all ages, a giant bounce house. bouncy ! bouncy !